villa with private pool for sale in gouna

villa with private pool for sale in gouna

 villa with private pool for sale in gouna, Discover now on liaison

El Gouna is one of the most famous and best tourist resorts in Egypt, owned by Orascom Development and has been working on its establishment since 1990 to be ideal in the form that exists today. 

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villa with private pool for sale in gouna
villa with private pool for sale in gouna

Know about villa with private pool for sale in gouna

El Gouna its location is on the Red Sea coast, not much before the city of Hurghada.

Where it separated from Hurghada by a distance of 25 km, but it is relatively far from Cairo.

In addition it separated from the city of Cairo by a distance of about 480 km.

El Gouna as a wonderful tourist area

El Gouna is one of the best tourist areas in Egypt and the world.

As its location helps it to be a distinguished place for diving.

In addition all sports and water activities. El Gouna is one of the resorts where artists and celebrities reside.

The most important landmarks of El Gouna

The Library of the Embassy of Knowledge: 

It started in 2008. It is an advanced digital library and is closely linked to the Library of Alexandria.

In addition it inaugurated by Mrs. Suzan Mubarak.

Know about El Gouna Airport:

El Gouna Resort has its own airport to receive private planes and charter planes.

El Gouna Museum:

It is the museum, which was opened in 1990, which includes more than 100 exhibits of artworks, as well as artworks by the Egyptian plastic artist Hussein Bikar.

golf courses:

El Gouna Akbaro has the best golf courses in Egypt with 18 holes, because it was one of the areas where international golf competitions were organized by the number one 

golfer, Fred Kobles.

Marina Abu Tig area:

It is the area that has been developed to be fully prepared to receive the largest and largest yachts.

El Gouna also includes a comprehensive and fully equipped hospital.

El Gouna Resort also owns the school EGIS.

yacht marina:

El Gouna has its own yacht marina, which includes a marina that receives visitors who come to it from overseas. All this in addition to the tortoise house and the resort’s corniche and others.As there are many things to do in the charming resort of El Gouna.

El Gouna neighborhoods

El Gouna is like cities, as it is divided into 6 main neighborhoods, and visitors are frequent in 3 neighborhoods, only for the availability of cafes, clubs, restaurants, nightclubs, commercial markets and services.

Nubian Quarter:

It is one of the most popular neighborhoods, especially on social media sites, because of its special Nubian style that gives you a feeling of warmth, as if you entered Aswan. Its design is different and wonderful, as it consists of several domes that are painted in different colors that attract attention.

Italian Quarter:

It has a private beach that is always covered with sunlight, which gives the sand a wonderful golden color, which gives you the feeling that you have entered Italy, especially that it was designed and implemented by the Italian architect Roberto Boni, and the neighborhood is distinguished by its bright colors that comfort the soul.

Mediterranean Quarter:

It was designed in the style of the Mediterranean countries, where it contains high tropical trees and abundant weeds. It is one of the distinctive neighborhoods in El Gouna Resort and gives the place a magical touch.

Golf District:

This neighborhood is considered the perfect place for golf lovers as well as for nature lovers, as it consists of gardens and green spaces that are comfortable for the eyes, in addition to that it overlooks a beautiful artificial lake and includes buildings with elegant and bright colors.

Marina Town District:

It is considered one of the most important and most beautiful neighborhoods, because it directly overlooks the yacht marina, which can house about 128 yachts at one time. These yachts are spread in front of the chalets, giving them a wonderful view and a special view.

villa with private pool for sale in gouna
villa with private pool for sale in gouna

Learn about the White villas and chalets in El Gouna

The prices of white villas in El Gouna vary according to its area, degree of finishing.

What it contains, the neighborhood in which it its location is, and the view it overlooks.

As well as the prices of chalets that differ in terms of space, neighborhood and view.

But all chalets are super luxe and ready On the living directly and can accommodate members of different families and all this is due to the payment plans.

Where the prices of chalets start from 3,000,000 million pounds and up to 8,000,000 million pounds

And the prices of villa with private pool for sale in gouna start from 8,000,000 pounds and up to 3,000,000 pounds, depending on the area, services and number of floors.

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