perfect properties el gouna

perfect properties el gouna

 perfect properties el gouna, discover now on Liaison

El Gouna is an integrated hotel-tourist housing project.It is a large tourist resort located in the city of Hurghada. El Gouna overlooks the Red Sea coast.

In addition El Gouna is a word of Arabic origin and means the piece in which the good fragrance preserved. It is also referred to as a word meaning the high hill, and El Gouna known as the most beautiful Hurghada bride.

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perfect properties el gouna
perfect properties el gouna

The origin and location of El Gouna

  • El Gouna Resort started by Orascom Development Company in 1990.
  • In addition El Gouna its location is in an area of ​​37 km².
  • El Gouna is about 22 km away from Hurghada International Airport.  
  • It also separates El Gouna and Cairo at a distance of about 470 km.
  • It is located a little before Hurghada.

Neighborhoods inside El Gouna

El Gouna has several different neighborhoods, which has 6 main neighborhoods:

  • Mediterranean Quarter
  • Italian Quarter
  • Nubian neighborhood
  • Neighborhood of nahda
  • golf district
  • Marina Town

Shopping places and shops concentrated in only three neighborhoods, as well as cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. In addition, El Gouna has its own radio station on FM, which is Radio El Gouna.

Beaches inside El Gouna

El Gouna has two main beaches, “Zaytouna Beach” and “Mangroovy Beach.” The resort permeated with a large number of water channels, making each house, villa or chalet in the resort its own beach, and most of these water channels built on small stone bridges to facilitate movement.

The importance of El Gouna as a tourist resort

El Gouna has a special importance compared to the tourist resorts, as it preferred and accepted by many tourists.

As well as the Egyptian, to spend a happy and comfortable holiday, as it has a large number of artists and celebrities.

In addition, many international golf competitions  organized by the number one golfer, Fred Kobles.

The most important services in El Gouna

  • El Gouna includes an integrated hospital and a high level of equipment.
  • In addition El Gouna is home to the EGIS International School.
  • El Gouna is home to the Technical University of Berlin.
  • In addition El Gouna has its own small airport and receives private planes.
  • Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak inaugurated the library of the Embassy of Knowledge in El Gouna in 2008, and it is considered one of the largest advanced digital libraries in Egypt, which has a close relationship with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • El Gouna includes many hotels and spas that visitors need
  • The most important thing that distinguishes El Gouna is the presence of a yacht club inside it, which receives travelers across the sea, and it also has a private marina.

Perfect properties in El Gouna

There are many ideal properties in El Gouna and differ in many aspects in terms of location, spaces, prices, plans and payment facilities that suit different categories, as well as the view that it overlooks and varies in terms of villas, chalets, twin houses and twins houses.

Investing in El Gouna is profitable

El Gouna resort is the first integrated project that combines housing

In addition to being the first integrated project implemented by the sector

The private sector in the Egyptian market, which contributed to attracting the attention of investors to the sea coast Red.

In addition contributed to the development of real estate investment thought to invade remote areas.

The volume of investments inside El Gouna is estimated at about 3 billion dollars, equivalent to 50 billion Egyptian pounds, and many Egyptian and Arab businessmen deal in it.

El Gouna has its own designs that always distinguish it as it is a suitable location for diving and all water sports.

Also, all El Gouna resorts are permeated with a lot of water channels. Which makes each villa or chalet a private beach, thus maintaining and increasing the level of privacy for visitors.

An Arab investment conference in the fields of environment was also held inside El Gouna.

In addition it companies presented their plans to invest in the fields of power and wind generation.

perfect properties el gouna
perfect properties el gouna

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