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After a short drive from Cairo comes Ain Sokhna, known for its year-round sunshine, beautiful weather, gentle waves and pristine crystal-clear water, Ain Sokhna makes the ideal destination if you are looking to have a break from the city.
A town located in the Suez Governate in Egypt, lying on the western shore of the Red Sea’s Gulf of Suez, close to the town of Galala, it is situated 55 kilometers south of Suez and 120 kilometers approximately east of Cairo. Ain El Sokhna extends along the Red Sea shoreline for 60 km from the southern borders of Ras El Adebbya in the north to Ras El Zaafarana in the south.
Ain Sokhna Your ideal destination if you wish to live in a place near to Cairo, a mild climate in summer and winter.

The name Ain Sokhna, can be translated to ‘Hot Springs’, it refers to the nearby sulfur springs that flow from Gebel Ataga, the eastern Desert’s northernmost mountain.

Its crystal-clear water and white sandy beaches are some of the reasons why the area is famous for deep-sea fishing, while Zaafarana offers premier diving and kite surfing.
Ain Sokhna waters are rich in marine life, perfect for a tourist attraction, excellent coral reefs and crystal-clear waters that are ideal conditions for snorkeling. A wide variety of water sports are also available all year around including water skiing, wakeboarding and kite surfing and wind surfing is becoming quite popular. In regards to the on-land activities, Ain Sokhna residents can enjoy superb Golf courses.
Another quite popular activity in Ain Sokhna is the desert safaris and camping available all year around in the nearby Bahariya Oasis, the mountain canyons of the Western Desert and the Valley of the Golden Mummies.

Lovers of excursions then Ain Sokhna is a perfect destination for you as the area features excursions to the sights of the desert, including the Pyramids of Cheops, Chechen and Mykerinus and the Great Sphinx.
Some other appealing sightseeing options are also available in Ain Sokhna such as, one of the world’s greatest feats of engineering, the Suez Canal is less than an hour away drive. On the way you can make a stop at St. Anthony’s and St. Paul’s Monastery. The monastery will certainly amaze you with fortress-style architecture built to withstand Bedouin attacks, they also accommodate beautiful gardens, a mill, a bakery and a series of unique wall paintings of holy knights and the hermits who founded the monasteries. Moreover, their libraries are home to over 1,700 handwritten manuscripts. A two-kilometer hike from the monasteries will bring you to incredible views of the mountains, the Red Sea and the cave where St. Anthony lived as a hermit.

A famous destination known for its relaxing, full of comfort and peace of mind. A unique destination in Egypt, Ain El Sokhna lets you enjoy an incredible vista of the Red Sea all year around. A favorite destination among the Egyptian population, distinctive from any coastal locations. With a perfect climate making it an all year around destination, Ain El Sokhna is the perfect private weekend getaway or the summer escape, featuring incredible fine dining restaurants, renown hotels, pristine beaches with mesmerizing vistas. The availability of basic services that cater to the needs of residents and people visiting in Ain Sokhna such as restaurants, cafés, malls, pharmacy, supermarkets, medical facilities and entertainment services are available all year around.

Ain El Sokhna visitors have the opportunity to either rent a home or stay at a 5-star hotel or luxury resorts, where they will be able to enjoy a wide variety of facilities and services that will make their vacation certainly unforgettable. 

Searching into Ain El Sokhna for investment purposes? Search no further, Ain El Sokhna offers tranquility at its finest and a wide range of compounds which accommodate apartments, chalets, twinhouses, townhouses, duplexes, penthouses and villas. All compounds are equipped with all the necessary facilities and amenities to ensure residents have an unforgettable experience every time they are in Ain El Sokhna. From swimming pools, finest restaurants, cafes, beach bars, private beaches, and never-ending day activities such as smoking, diving, paddling boarding, boat cruises, Ain El Sokhna will never seize to amaze you. A wide range of projects are available to choose from, offering you different payment plans and finishing specs. All prices are available in egp.

The launch of the new administrative capital in Egypt, will definitely alter the area of Ain El Sokhna to the better. As a wide variety of commercial buildings, offices, retails shops and facilities will be more available and accessible and making Ain El Sokhna not just a holiday home but an opportunity for a first home relocation. 

A fully integrated luxurious destination, perfect for families, singles and young newlyweds.

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