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The North Coast, in Egypt extends for about 1,050 km along the Mediterranean Sea, from the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula to the western village of Sallum. It is one of the longest Mediterranean coastlines in North Africa. Located approximately 270 kilometers from Cairo, it can be reached in about a 2-hour drive.

The moment North Coast is mentioned, we automatically invasion a charming, lively location for one of the most mesmerizing beaches in the world, considered as a favored destination for Cairene vacationers, as it offers a wide variety of real estate developments that accommodates the needs of all residents and visitors. Over the last years, the North Coast has successfully earned a prestige reputation for being a world-class sea resort.

It caters an exclusive lifestyle englobing a multitude of turquoise beaches, white sandy beaches, water activities, pools, leisure activities, restaurants, clubs, bars and commercial buildings. The destination is also known for its various five-star very luxurious resorts and villas.

In addition to its lively and attractive lifestyle, the North Coast is also differentiated by the charm of its nature and the surrounding atmosphere, from the scenic turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the beautiful climate, North Coast guarantees you a beautiful weather and carefree lifestyle all year around.

North Coast presents a wide range of guests coming in from Europe and the Arab countries where the weather is a lot milder than other parts of Egypt, especially during summer time.
The area offers all needed facilities for owners and visitors to practice their favorite water sports and enjoy the beautiful weather and some quality time by the Mediterranean Sea.

The North Coast is a popular touristic destination as it is easily accessible from most cities of Egypt with the use of the various highways that reduced the distance to and from it, especially the new highway that branches from Egypt/Alexandria Desert Road, shortening the travel distance by two hours.

During the year of 1986, at the start of the Marina compound, a Hellenistic-Roman town was discovered and the area was automatically converted to an open-air museum.

Perfect for families or friends’ holiday, the north coast offers you a wide range of leisure and relaxing activities during summer time.

While on vacation, spend the day relaxing by the beach, while taking in the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea and the white sand. Take in the lavish green landscape, experience North Coast finest beaches, fine dining restaurants, fast food, boutiques and retails shop and a top of the notch medical facility available all around the year, working around the clock.

Visitors at North Coast have the opportunity to find accommodation in a 5-star hotel, rent or own their own residential property. A wide variety of compounds are offered in the North Coast that exceeds any future home owner’s expectations. From Chalets, duplexes, penthouses, twin villas, townhouses and villa types of properties are offered for people to choose from.  From beach front properties, private outdoor terraces to private roofs and private swimming pools, in the North Coast, home owners will surely find the home that will fulfill their every desire.

The North Coast presents different popular areas such as El Alamein, Sidi Abdelrahman, Sidi Heneish and Ras el Hekma. Close to Ras el Hekma is located Marsa Matrouh, known for its pristine beaches.

Available properties for sale & resale: cabins, chalets, apartments, duplexes, penthouses, townhouses, and villas.














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