villas for sale in el gouna

villas for sale in el gouna

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About el gouna

It is famous for the spread of a large number of villas for sale in El Gouna, which is one of the most famous features of El Gouna Resort.

El Gouna is the most famous resort in Hurghada, and the resort developed by Orascom Hotels and Development, and the word El Gouna means the circular piece in which the good fragrance is preserved.

villas for sale in el gouna
villas for sale in el gouna

The Location of villas for sale in el gouna

El Gouna its location is on the Red Sea coast, not much before the city of Hurghada.

Where it separated from Hurghada by a distance of 25 km.

But it is relatively far from Cairo, where it separated from the city of Cairo by a distance of about 480 km.

villas for sale in el gouna neighborhoods

Mediterranean Quarter:

It designed in the style of the Mediterranean countries, where it contains high tropical trees and abundant weeds.

In addition it is one of the distinctive neighborhoods in El Gouna Resort and gives the place a magical touch.

Golf District:

This neighborhood is the perfect place for golf lovers as well as for nature lovers.

As it consists of gardens and green spaces that are comfortable for the eyes.

In addition to that it overlooks a beautiful artificial lake and includes buildings with elegant and bright colors.

Marina Town District:

It is one of the most important and most beautiful neighborhoods.

This because it directly overlooks the yacht marina, which can house about 128 yachts at one time.

These yachts are spread in front of the chalets, giving them a wonderful view and a special view.

Nubian Quarter:

It is one of the most popular neighborhoods, especially on social media sites.

This because of its special Nubian style that gives you a feeling of warmth, as if you entered Aswan.

In addition its design is different and wonderful, as it consists of several domes that are painted in different colors that attract attention.

Italian district:

It has a private beach that always covered with sunlight, which gives the sand a wonderful golden color.

Which gives you the feeling that you have entered Italy.

This especially that it designed and implemented by the Italian architect Roberto Boni, and the neighborhood distinguished by its bright colors that comfort the soul.

Learn about the most famous areas in villas for sale in el gouna

El Gouna includes three main areas:

The area of ​​Tamr Al Henna Square:

A large part of it is characterized by the spread of green spaces that can relax the soul and help in recreation.

In addition it is an arena similar to those in Italy, where folkloric performances and folk music abound.

Marina Abotage:

There you can visit the Turtle House, Corniche El Gouna, Yacht Marina and the Digital Library if you like reading and technology, as well as the famous El Gouna Museum.

It is the area located in Marina Town that has been developed to be ready to receive the largest and largest yachts, and this area is preferred by the elite of society and celebrities.

Downtown area:

To suit all tastes. There are also bazaars and places where tourists go to buy souvenirs from the place, as well as places for gifts and handicrafts.

It is  one of the most lively and famous areas in El Gouna.

 In addition it has the presence of many restaurants that serve different dishes from different Lebanese, Turkish, Egyptian and Italian countries.

Discover the importance of El Gouna from the tourist side

El Gouna was famous for organizing international competitions conducted by Fred Kobles who  ranked number one in golf, being the best golfer in the world.

In addition, the El Gouna resort has a yacht club and a private marina to receive visitors to El Gouna who reach it by sea.

Moreover El Gouna also owns many hotels, numbering about 20, that differ in their services, activities, sizes and designs, as they vary to suit different tastes, ranging from 4-star hotels to 6-star hotels.

In addition, El-Gouna has its distinguished geographical location, which is one of the best sites for practicing all sports, especially water activities, easily and safely.

Moreover to its warm atmosphere, soft sand and clear blue water. Uncommon, which helped increase his fame.

villas for sale in el gouna
villas for sale in el gouna

Learn about villas for sale in el gouna

There are many villas for sale in El Gouna, All villas for sale in El Gouna are famous for their special appearance and unique design that always distinguishes them and makes them the most popular in real estate investment. It is a group of villas for sale that form an independent city similar to European villas. The spaces of villas for sale in El Gouna vary in terms of the number of rooms and the number of bathrooms. It suits all tastes and varies according to the number of family members.. It also differs in its prices and payment plans. Various installment systems.


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