el gouna white villas for sale

el gouna white villas for sale

 el gouna white villas for sale, Discover on Lizon

El Gouna is one of the most famous and best tourist resorts located on the road to Hurghada and on the Red Sea coast, and a short distance between it and Hurghada. It started in 1990 and worked on the development of El Gouna Resort by Orascom Hotels and Development. And the word El Gouna means the piece of leather in which perfume and perfume preserved.

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el gouna white villas for sale
el gouna white villas for sale

The location of El Gouna resort 

El Gouna Resort is located on the coast of the Red Sea on Hurghada Road, and it separates it from Hurghada, a distance of about 22 km to the north, and about 470 km separates it from Cairo.

The touristic importance of El Gouna

El Gouna is characterized by its special and distinctive location, which is one of the best sites for practicing all water sports easily and safely, in addition to its warm atmosphere, soft sand and clear blue waters. Unfamiliar and which helped increase his fame.

El Gouna was also famous for organizing international competitions conducted by Fred Kobles, who ranked number one in the game of golf.

As he is the best golf player in the world.

In addition, El Gouna Resort owns a yacht club and a special marina to receive El Gouna visitors who reach it by sea.

El Gouna also owns many hotels, which number about 20, differing in their services, activities, size and designs.

As they vary to suit different tastes, starting with 4-star hotels and even 6-star hotels.

El Gouna Resort Neighborhoods

El Gouna Resort has about 6 main neighborhoods where visitors are increasing and there is more demand for it because it includes cafes, restaurants, commercial services, markets, nightclubs and others.

These neighborhoods are the plateau neighborhood, the golf neighborhood, the Mediterranean neighborhood, the Nubian neighborhood.

Moreover the Italian neighborhood And the Marina Town district.

Tamr Henna Square and the Downtown area are among the most famous areas in El Gouna.

In addition to the Marina Abu Tig area, which is being developed to be the largest area to receive large mega yachts.

All this in addition to the fact that El Gouna has its own radio station known as “Radio El Gouna”.

The most important services in el gouna white villas for sale

  • El Gouna has its own small airport and receives private planes.
  • Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak inaugurated the library of the Embassy of Knowledge in El Gouna in 2008, and it is considered one of the largest advanced digital.
  • libraries in Egypt, which has a close relationship with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
  • El Gouna includes many hotels and spas that visitors need.
  • In addition El Gouna is home to the EGIS International School.
  • El Gouna is home to the Technical University of Berlin.
el gouna white villas for sale
el gouna white villas for sale

Real estate investment in El Gouna

Real estate investment is an opportunity to achieve many profits, especially in the future. El Gouna is one of the best fertile areas for investment and enjoyment, with various types of real estate units, villas, chalets, clubs and commercial markets.. However, El Gouna Resort is characterized by white villas with a wonderful view. Attractive to the eyes, which has a special sophistication. All the properties built on the land of El Gouna have stunning views and wonderful and different views to spend an enjoyable summer vacation, in addition to that El Gouna is a comprehensive and integrated residential, tourist and summer area.

 El Gouna White Villas 

All El Gouna villas and chalets are famous for having a special appearance and a unique design that always distinguishes them and makes them the most famous in real estate investment. It is a group of white villas that form an independent city similar to the European villas. The areas of the white villas in El Gouna vary, the number of rooms and the number of bathrooms. They suit all different tastes and vary according to the number of family members.. It also varies in their prices and payment plans. And different installment systems.

White El Gouna villas are the perfect choice for investment and unforgettable vacations.

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