El gouna properties for sale

el gouna properties for sale

El gouna properties for sale is one of the charming and modern tourist resorts in Egypt, and the aristocracy and the elite of society due to its unique features represented in its beauty and splendor and its various amenities and luxury increasingly seek after it. El Gouna Resort is unique in its unique architectural style, and its wonderful atmosphere that simulates the atmosphere of European cities where green spaces and picturesque nature. in addition this resort is surrounded by a special wall on all sides, which ensures comfort, safety, as well as complete privacy for individuals.

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Details about El gouna properties for sale

This high-end resort is one of the top choices for tranquil lovers who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

So many people prefer to find the best real estate for sale in El Gouna.

The resort provides visitors with opportunities to enjoy various sports and entertainment activities.

Whether it is wild animals such as hunting, biking, horseback riding, golf, or the ocean.

Such as swimming, diving, fishing and windsurfing, so that individuals can enjoy a unique life Experience.

One of El Gouna’s strengths is the abundance of green spaces and gardens.

As it aims to offer residents a healthy lifestyle in addition to luxury residences.

Not only that, but its strategic location in Hurghada on the Red Sea coast is unique, 470 kilometers from Cairo and 22 kilometers north of Hurghada International Airport.

The city of Hurghada is generally regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations.

This because it is a dynamic city characterized by well-planned, wide, clean and paved roads.

Moreover, this city includes many luxury tourist resorts that attract tourists for its splendor and charm.

This such as Sahl Hasheesh, El Gouna, Makadi, and Soma Bay, and each resort has a special character.

The city of Hurghada also includes a variety of different means of transportation.

Which in turn facilitates the movement of individuals from one place to another at nominal prices.

el gouna properties for sale

Properties and real estate prices in El Gouna

El Gouna has emerged on top of many other tourist villages and has been able to attract the attention of many buyers and investors.

This due to its unique advantages represented in being a site for diving in the depths and various water sports.

Moreover, it has charming beaches with clear turquoise waters and soft white sand, which has led to an increase in the demand for real estate in El Gouna of all kinds.

El Gouna has lanes designated for walking and cycling.

This to encourage individuals to exercise continuously, not to mention that it has abundance of bays and lakes, in addition to bridges.

Although El Gouna has alot of calm, it includes all the services that would meet the needs of different individuals.

This such as educational facilities, hospitals, clinics, playgrounds, shops, museums, restaurants, and cafes.

Below we will review the different types and prices of properties for sale in El Gouna to make it easier for you to choose your preferred property.

el gouna properties for sale
el gouna properties
for sale

Follow properties and real estate prices in El Gouna

In addition, the demand for lands for sale in El Gouna is increasing by investors in particular.

This in order to develop tourist resorts that will meet the needs of different individuals.

This such as J Cribs, Mangroovy, Swan Lake, Arena Inn, Waterside, Sabina, Bali, Scarab and others.

In terms of land prices in El Gouna, it is expensive compared to its counterparts from other tourist destinations, reaching 80,000,000 pounds.

Despite this, the demand for it is increasing dramatically, as there are various payment systems and payment facilities.

Which in turn provide individuals with the opportunity to pay the amount in installments over several years without interest, so that prices become affordable for everyone.

Moreover, these villas have many and spacious bedrooms, most of which consist of four bedrooms.

In addition there are other villas consisting of five, 6 or 7 bedrooms, depending on the area and distribution.

The demand for villas is high among those looking for real estate for sale in El Gouna.

This because it contains many amenities and luxury features such as security, guarding, swimming pools.

In addition to gardens, terrace, jacuzzi, health clubs, and shared gyms, as well as its charming view of the lakes.

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