North coast egypt for sale

North coast egypt for sale

North coast egypt for sale location is one of the picturesque coastal areas of Egypt as this area is located on the Mediterranean coast in the most northern part of the Arab Republic of Egypt, all infrastructure and services started such as: roads, hospitals, resorts and hotels, prices are suitable for individuals of all material levels.

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About the North coast egypt for sale

The North coast egypt for sale is one of the important summer and tourist destinations in Egypt.

This due to its scenic landscape of blue waters and soft golden sands.

A distinctive group of picturesque beaches.

It is also famous for a wide range of villages and high-end resorts and many distinctive recreational facilities.

North coast egypt for sale
North coast egypt for sale

North Coast Division

The North coast egypt for sale extends on the Mediterranean Sea over an area of ​​1,050 km.

From Alexandria to Egypt’s westernmost Salom province, ending at the Libyan border.

It is 197 kilometers away from Cairo and only takes about 90 minutes by car.

It has a wonderful vibe away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Besides, its beautiful nature and charming faces.

The villages and areas of the North Coast start from Kilo 21 to Matrouh Governorate.

The northern coast includes the Abu Talat area and the Sidi Karir area, then Burj Al Arab, and from there to the Hammam area.

All the way to the new city of El Alamein, then to the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

The coastal road continues to El-Dabaa, which passes through the new Fouka Road.

After that, it includes the new Ras El Hekma city.

Which is one of the most important areas on the North Coast, where many new luxury projects are being built.

The main roads overlooking the north coast

The North Coast region is connected to the Alexandria-Matru desert road, one of the most important arterial roads in the region.

It also connects to the new Fouka Road, which helps shorten the distance from Cairo to the north coast.

It took 4 hours to get from Cairo to the North Coast, now the drive from Cairo to the North Coast is no more than two hours.

North Coast Services

Before you decide to rent or buy a villa or chalets on North coast egypt for sale to spend the annual vacation or go for recreation every period.

You must ensure the quality of the area’s services, whether health, commercial or recreational.

Moreover, know the state of its facilities such as water, electricity, communications, etc.

In addition to studying the social and security situation in the area that will house your dwelling or your home here.

Health Services and Facilities on the North Coast

The North Shore includes many hospitals, health centres and pharmacies.

The most important landmarks of the North Coast

Manor Bay is one of the most important landmarks on the North Coast.

In addition to many shops, it also includes a group of upscale restaurants and cafes.

The buildings are also modern in design, offering residents and visitors a charming ambience.

One of the most important features of the North Shore is the city of New El Alamein, which has been equipped to the highest level.

The city its location is on the northern coast, at km 34, west of Alexandria, to the western border.

Notable for its location on the Mediterranean coast, it covers 49,000 acres.

New El Alamein includes many attractions and landmarks, such as the Cultural Library and the 3,188-square-meter Mullah Mosque.

In addition, it is a unique architectural masterpiece.

It also includes the El Alamein Military Museum, where visitors can view the soldiers’ collections and maps of the course of the battle.

As well as weapons, armor and aircraft used in the Battle of El Alamein.

The city also includes the Roman Amphitheatre and Opera House.

North coast egypt for sale
North coast egypt for sale

The best villages and hotels in North coast egypt for sale

The North Shore region is a leisure and essential summer retreat.

It has a wide selection of residential properties for individuals, couples and extended families looking to live in natural areas.

There are different types of units for rent or for sale on the North Shore, including vacant, partially or fully furnished.

The North Shore includes a variety of properties for sale, including studios, chalets with gardens, townhouses, twins, penthouses and detached houses.

Most of the North Shore estate’s exterior walls feature light colours that echo the surrounding greenery and picturesque beaches.

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