North coast chalet for sale

North coast chalet for sale

North coast chalet for sale has become the main destination for the summer resorts, and all eyes have turned to it in the past few years and now, especially the eyes of investors. They have established and developed many villages and tourist resorts at the highest levels and provided within them all the main services and facilities to provide the full luxury of visitors and owners.

The northern coast strip is located in the far north of Egypt from the city of Rafah and to the city of Salloum. The northern coast extends over an area of ​​1050 km and is characterized by its proximity to Cairo and Alexandria, as it is uniquely strategic on the Mediterranean coast.

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North coast chalet for sale

Marassi Village

The chalets of Marassi Village are distinguished by their charming architectural design, which is unique in its diversity between Greek, Italian, Andalusian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Spanish and Tunisian styles to suit all tastes. There is also heavy security.

Its spaces are unique to suit all needs and requirements, ranging from 72-305 square meters, and most of them consist of two rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a reception room. There are other chalets up to three or 4 bedrooms.

Marassi Village has the presence of private parking, swimming pools, central air conditioning, gardens, shared health clubs, animal breeding areas, shared gyms, dressing rooms, and more. It has a charming view of the scenic landscape and the seashore.

North coast chalet for sale
North coast chalet for sale

North Coast Marina

Marina Al Sahel is distinguished by its provision of all facilities and services: Porto Marina Hotel, private beaches, a circular lake, a car club, a yacht club, a large shopping center, restaurants, cafes, a billiards hall, a gym, and a medical center. The area of ​​the chalets ranges from 80-200 square meters.

Amwaj North Coast Village

Amwaj Village characterized by the presence of restaurants, cafes, shops and an artificial lake.

Moreover it features car parking, shared swimming pools, spa, shared gym, private gardens, security.

In addition guard services, cleaning and maintenance services, and the areas range from 80 to 200 square meters.

Hacienda Bay North Coast

It started by Palm Hills Company. Hacienda is characterized by full services.

Moreover, provides the utmost levels of luxury, making it the destination of the elite of the community.

Hacienda Bay North Coast chalets are unique in their spacious areas ranging from 140 to 660 square meters.

Sir kerir

The space of the chalets starts from 80 square meters and the spaces vary according to desire.

The village of Sidi Kerir has the originality of its designs.

In addition, the sizes and prices of the North Coast chalets vary according to the existing villages.

Prices of North coast chalet for sale

Many investors are looking for North coast chalet for sale in particular.

As it is the first project that started there under the supervision of one of the largest construction authorities in Egypt.

The Urban Communities Authority – which is the main owner of the project as well – and Amer Holding Group is managing the project.

The marina has containing the first international marina for yachts in the whole of North Africa.

It is a group of artificial lakes and private beaches.

North coast chalet for sale
North coast chalet for sale

Follow Prices of North coast chalet for sale

The prices of chalets in Marina start from 600,000 pounds in Marina 2.

Which is the cheapest among them.

Some of the North coast chalet for sale may reach 15,000,000 EGP in Marina 5, 6 and 7.

Marina prices generally very reasonable compared to their counterparts from other tourist resorts.

Which made it an attractive point for many investors.

As mentioned earlier, Porto Marina is one of the most popular tourist villages for those looking for beachfront chalets on the North Coast at reasonable prices.

This village is unique in its strategic location.

As its location is 240 km from Cairo and 110 km from Alexandria Airport.

It is also 105 km away from Alexandria and 60 km from El Alamein Airport and Burj Al Arab.

Moreover one of the reasons that contributed to the high demand for this village among those looking for the best North coast chalet for sale.

Which  it contains all the services that would meet the needs of different individuals.

This such as hotel services, swimming pools, malls, cinemas, beaches, gym, spa, cafes, and restaurants.

In addition it is also unique in its wonderful design of the units.

As well as its warm colors, which in turn bring happiness and joy to individuals.

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