marassi north coast villas for sale

marassi north coast villas for sale

Recently, marassi north coast villas for sale have become the first destination for Egyptians in the summer due to the wonderful climate, warm waters, and the large number of villages and tourist resorts on the North Coast and the diversity of their designs, spaces and services.

Green spaces, soft sandy beaches and clear blue waters, making them the most suitable place to own or rent, as housing options vary according to your desire, characterize the tourist villages and resorts on the coast.

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marassi north coast villas for sale

The tourist units in marassi north coast villas for sale, Sidi Abdel Rahman, vary between chalets and apartments.

As well as villas at the highest level of equipment and unique design.

The demand for it is great because of the good reputation that the village enjoys and the high-end features that are not available in others.

marassi north coast villas for sale is a unique village because it provides all the needs of its customers in terms of units and spaces.

Small chalets and apartments of up to four rooms are available, as well as large and luxurious villas.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of Marassi Village is the great privacy it gives to its visitors.

As the village is characterized by complete calm, and the green spaces are spread in the village with its charming Mediterranean architectural design.

Which is unique in its diversity between Greek, Italian, Andalusian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Spanish and Tunisian styles.

This to provide customers with a wonderful bouquet of designs for the customer to choose between to suit his own taste.

These designs also give a unique blend of elegance and sophistication to the village.

Invest in a marassi north coast villas for sale

Marassi is one of the most popular tourist villages for individuals and those looking for a villa for sale in Sidi Abdel Rahman.

This village is unique with many features that make it the first investment destination for many individuals.

As it is one of the finest and most developed tourist villages in the North Coast region.

It was established by one of the largest companies in the field of real estate development, “Emaar Company” in accordance with international quality standards.

Therefore, it is unique in the high level of its visitors socially and culturally.

This village is distinguished by its strategic location on the 125th kilometer of the North Coast, in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, and it is one of the charming spots there.

Moreover, its location is close to the airports of El Alamein and Burj Al Arab, making it easy to reach from various regions and Arab and foreign countries.

This village is one of the favorite choices for nature lovers.

Moreover, those who want to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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One of the advantages of this village is its large area, which extends over 1544 acres.

As it is fenced on all sides and its doors are heavily guarded 24 hours a day, which ensures comfort, security.

As well as complete privacy for individuals.

The North Coast region, in general, is one of the favorite tourist destinations for the aristocracy and the elite of society, thanks to its strategic location near Cairo and Alexandria.

Moreover, it is unique in its complete calm and abundance of green spaces and gardens, not to mention its charming beaches, as we mentioned earlier.

Not only that, but it includes a variety of luxury tourist resorts.

Which are distinguished by the diversity of their services and prices to suit all needs and requirements.

Marassi villas features and prices

Marassi Village has been able to attract many buyers and investors.

Even though it is one of the most expensive tourist villages there.

Thanks to its wonderful engineering designs, which add beauty and special elegance to the village.

Moreover, Marassi Resort represents an integrated city due to its unique splendor of design, in addition to containing various amenities and luxury for individuals to enjoy a unique experience.

Not only that, but it includes walking paths and wide green spaces.

As well as palm trees scattered throughout, which made it an attractive point for many investors.

The demand for villas for sale in Marassi in particular has increased despite the variety of housing units there, including apartments, chalets, and others.

As it is one of the most luxurious summer units there.

Its distinctive interior designs and luxurious finishes according to the finest types of furniture also characterize it.

As well as the finest decorations and furnishings.

marassi north coast villas for sale
marassi north coast villas for sale

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One of the reasons that led to the increase in demand for a villa for sale in Marassi is its large area, ranging from 321-1800 square meters.

As well as the fact that it contains many spacious bedrooms, some of which consist of five bedrooms, while others consist of seven bedrooms and more depending on the space.

These villas surrounded by large green spaces and waterways.

As well as a charming view of the seashore, so that individuals can enjoy a distinguished modern life.

Each villa for sale includes Marassi, a private entrance.

In addition to many luxury features such as swimming pools, private gardens, security.

Moreover guarding, private parking, shared health clubs, shared gyms, balconies, cleaning services…etc.

These villas  surrounded by all the services that would meet the needs of different individuals.

Such as golf courses, hotel rooms, a yacht marina, health facilities, commercial markets, sports facilities.

In addition to a variety of local and international restaurants and cafes.

In terms of the prices of Marassi on the North Coast.

It expensive compared to its counterparts from other tourist resorts.

The prices of villas for sale there range from 15.000.000 pounds to 20,000,000 pounds.

These villas distinguished by their wonderful and varied exterior designs in Greek.

In addition Spanish, Egyptian, Andalusian, Moroccan, Italian and Tunisian styles to suit all tastes.

Many individuals prefer to search for a marina villa for sale in the “Savona Villas” area.

As it is unique in its complete calm.

In addition is unique in the charming view of some of the villas on the golf courses.

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