marassi north coast for sale

Marassi north coast for sale is one of the most popular tourist villages for individuals looking for chalets for sale on the North Coast. Tourism in that village has many advantages that were found in the tourism resort on the North Coast.

In addition, due to its proximity to Al Alamein and Burj Al Arab airports, these airports are connected to some of the most important cities in Europe and the Middle East. This, in turn, has led to high demand for cabins for sale in Marasi.

The uniqueness of this village is its stunning beaches, clear turquoise waters and soft white sand, so it is ideal for those looking to relax in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The program offers individuals a variety of physical activities such as swimming, diving, golf, handball, volleyball, and more. In addition, Marasi aims to offer both a healthy and luxurious lifestyle, so its inhabitants are unique in their high cultural and social level, especially in summer, as the village is home to artists, celebrities, businessmen, high-ranking countries and others.

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Features and prices of chalets in Marassi north coast for sale

Despite the multiplicity of tourism and investment projects in the northern coast.

The Marassi north coast for sale of Sidi Abdel Rahman have emerged on top of other tourist villages.

This to become the first choice that buyers and investors are racing to book residential units in.

Which are unique in their diversity between villas, chalets and apartments to suit all individuals.

When you enter that village, you will be amazed by its splendor, its internal and external beauty.

In addition to its charming nature and the abundance of green spaces in it.

As it aims to provide a unique life experience for individuals.

All this, in turn, led to a high demand for it among individuals and those looking for chalets for sale in Sidi Abdel Rahman.

Usually, individuals search for the best places to relax and escape from the noise.

So they head to Marassi north coast for sale Village, because it is one of the most tourist resorts rich in unique landscapes.

Where tourists from all over the world flock to it similar to other tourist resorts.

Features and prices of chalets in Marassi north coast for sale

One of the most important features of chalets for sale in Marassi north coast for sale village from other chalets in other tourist resorts is its charming Mediterranean architectural design.

Which is unique in its diversity between Greek, Italian, Andalusian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Spanish and Tunisian styles to suit all tastes.

Moreover, this village is heavily guarded, which guarantees complete security and privacy for individuals like other resorts.

Therefore, it can be easily entered. The chalets for sale in Marassi north coast for sale are unique in the diversity of their areas to suit all needs and requirements.

This ranging from 72-305 square meters and most of them consist of two rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a reception room.


The distinctive design of the North Coast Marassi north coast  project

As the Marassi north coast for sale, have the events of seven of the distinctive Egyptian neighborhoods and the Egyptian residential.

In addition, diverse in their architectural design and finishing. Villages, cities and neighborhoods designed in a modern style.

Moreover each with its own shape and design, as the company executing the project was keen to satisfy all tastes.

To feel special for you and your family to live a bright life with us every day.

Marassi north coast for sale Village designed to attract everyone. With the most beautiful landscapes, luxurious, picturesque, charming and soft colors, it is a unique village.

There are other chalets with up to 3 or 4 bedrooms, depending on the area and distribution.

As these chalets are unique in their smart distribution in a way that makes the appearance of the rooms spacious, attractive, and comfortable for the eye as well.

Each chalet for sale in Marassi north coast for sale includes all the facilities and luxury features.

That would provide comfort and complete luxury for individuals.

Such as security, guarding, balconies, private parking, swimming pools, central air conditioning, gardens, joint health clubs.

In addition, places designated for raising animals, shared gyms, dressing rooms, and others.

Moreover, these apartments are unique with their charming views of the scenic landscape and the seashore.

Marassi north coast location

There are Marassi north coast  at Sidi Abdel Rahman and the area of ​​the new city of Alamein, specifically the 125th kilometer of Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

Marassi north coast  is also about one hundred and twenty minutes from Cairo.

The project its location on the distinguished beaches of El Alamein and Sidi Abdel Rahman, and minutes away from the El Alamein Museum.

Sidi Abdel Rahman Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea in this region and the most distinguished and prestigious after Ras El Hekma Bay.

One of the most important residential communities of Emaar Misr Marassi north coast for sale development is located there.

North Coast Marassi north coast  is distinguished by its impressive view of the clear Mediterranean waters and its privileged location.

On the El Alamein beach, it constitutes a charming tourist community, comprising of inspiring residential neighborhoods from six lifestyles in terms of civilizations.

The Mediterranean is different, each with its own identity.

Unique architecture, which includes:

Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Spain, Italy and the UAE city.

Marassi north coast for sale its location is 125 km from the lively city of Alexandria.

Moreover, at a distance of not more than a few kilometers from El Alamein.


Marassi north coast location

Also to become anchorages in the future, the main entrance to Egypt through the Mediterranean.

In addition, to send its global fame and near Hacienda Bay tourist invitations to all over the world.

The area on which the Marassi north coast for sale of the North Coast are located

Also the project implemented in the areas of El Alamein City and the area of ​​Sidi Abdel Rahman.

Marassi north coast also contains a number of neighborhoods.

Which are seven, characterized by numerous services and complete facilities.

Moreover, it has everything that qualifies to live in it, whether for vacations or all year round.

And 125 kilometers from the city of Alexandria and kilometers from the new city of El Alamein/

As it is the distinguished coastal destination for all.

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