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Amwaj North Coast

Amwaj North Coast, The North Coast is a splendid area in Egypt that all people want to spend unforgettable vacations in it. It has become the first summer destination for Egyptians. Accordingly, the real estate market in The North Coast is now thriving more than ever. Many real estate developers are starting new projects that focus on t luxury and hospitality of the owners. A great example of luxurious and premium projects is Amwaj North Coast.

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Amwaj North Coast
Amwaj North Coast

What are the advantages and attractions of the North Coast?

Amwaj North Coast
Amwaj North Coast

The North Coast is a long strip of coasts over the Mediterranean sea. It extends for more than 400 kilometers from Alexandria to Marsa Matruh.

There are dozens of residential projects on the North Coast, including villas, apartments, chalets, hotels, and villas with private pools.

The North Coast combines the beauty of the sea with the abundant services surrounding you in each project. The entertainment services are also available on a wide scale.

The entertainment facilities include Aqua Park, heated pools, covered pools for women, Jacuzzi, and more. You will find all the international brands you like as KFC, Mac, and Starbucks, for food.

The North Coast is also equipped with emergency medical facilities and clinics.

Amwaj North Coast

Amwaj is built in the beautiful area of Sidi Abdelrahman Bay. Its beaches are wide and sandy with the clear blue water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Amwaj lies in this spot as a mixture of detached villas, duplexes, and chalets.

Whatever the reason you are taking your vacation, Amwaj will offer you what you need. Whether you will spend a few days or the whole summer, the entertainment and facilities in Mawaj will never cease to amaze you.

Amwaj is only 136 kilometers from Alexandria. Amwaj offers a unique mix between architectural superiority and fantastic facilities and attractions as Bali Lake. Bali Lake is one of the largest artificial lakes on the North Coast.

Bali lake’s area is more than 9000 square meters. It mixes kids ‘ entertainment and the prosperity of adults. This makes Amwaj your first choice for the whole family. Whether alone or a couple or a family, Amwaj can make you happy and relaxed.

If you enjoy socializing during the holidays, our clubhouse is your destination in Amwaj. There is also the main pool, wave pool, and kids pool.

We also provide our ladies with some privacy and alone time in the private pool where they can enjoy privacy with or without their kids.

Amwaj offers endless food and beverages options that will leave you happy every time.

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