El gouna properties in Red Sea

El gouna properties

El gouna properties in Red Sea is a popular tourist destination, as it offers a wide range of activities, sports and facilities to suit all tourist tastes. Whether a tourist wants to relax by the turquoise waters, practice action sports, try different cuisines, or relax in an excellent “spa”, El Gouna is the place to be.

El Gouna is one of the most famous places known for its beauty and scenic charm. It is one of the most attractive and charming tourist destinations. It is located in the Red Sea province, specifically the city of Hurghada. El Gouna started in 1990 AD. As for Sayan El Gouna, it is the newest real estate project established by Orascom Real Estate, it is its newest residential resort and more people are visiting Egyptian real estate.

Hurghada is one of the attractive coastal cities overlooking the Red Sea, and El Gouna Resort is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Hurghada, and one of the most prominent areas visited by visitors for tourism and leisure holidays. It has a wonderful tourist location between the picturesque beaches and a group of modern islands that were made within projects the development of El Gouna contributed to the tourism boom in Hurghada.

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El gouna properties in Red Sea
El gouna properties in Red Sea

About the area and location of Cyan El Gouna Resort

The resort is located on 121 acres near the Abtige Marina. The project consists of apartments, buildings, double rooms and double villas.

The resort has different residential areas. First of all, two-storey villas are divided into 3 types.

The first category is Type A, villas with an area of ​​138 square meters, with ceilings in double-storey villas.

Each villa has a private garden and consists of three rooms, plus a room for a nanny or servant.

The second type, TYPE B, has a villa area of ​​155 square meters.

In addition, all villas it contains include 4 rooms, in addition to another nanny room.

The third category TYPE C, with an area of ​​200 square meters, contains four rooms and one additional room.

The resort’s ground floor or group D villas are 165 sqm.

Also included are three spacious rooms with a large dining corner and an extra room.

In addition, they have a spacious terrace on the roof of the unit.

The resort’s Twin Villas or Twin Villas consist of three bedrooms.

The villa has a spacious place to sit and eat, it measures 165 square meters.

The resort’s twin room consists of three bedrooms and is 144 square meters in size.

El gouna properties in Red Sea
El gouna properties in Red Sea

What is the developer company for this one of El gouna properties in Red Sea?

Orascom is the owner of the project.

This company has activities in more than seven separate countries.

In addition, it owns 49.9 million lands in Egypt, namely the El-Gouna land in the Red Sea, the highlands in the Taba region of the Sinai Peninsula, and the Makadi highlands.

Learn about the most prominent features of Cayan El Gouna Resort

El gouna properties in Red Sea great location and service to customers.

Foremost among them is the allocation of part of the resort’s land to create five artificial lakes of crystal blue.

Large golf course overlooking all residential units in the resort.

Great space and wonderful design of the residential unit.

The design was done by the most skilled engineers of the renowned SB company, which specialises in architectural and engineering design.

Construction tools used to build units include glass and wood.

Since glass is for the large balconies, the clients can enjoy the view of the artificial lake inside their residence without leaving.

Jogging and walking trails are spacious and beautifully designed.

The resort has 24-hour security to ensure the safety of residents.

There is a complete children’s play area which is the Children’s Home.

Parking is available on-site at the resort and underground parking is available for each residential unit.

Build bars, restaurants and cafes as well as medical and commercial facilities.

The payment system will be interest-free through 15% of the payment amount and instalments for up to 5 years.


Multiple services and facilities you can find at Cyan

This outstanding village has many different services.

In addition, the facilities that meet all the needs of the residents make them very comfortable.

In addition, to increase their happiness and pleasure, we will cover them in the rest of the following paragraphs:

For an unforgettable time on board a prestigious cruise, Cyan Marina Resort offers you a mega yacht.

This provides everything you need to go fishing, diving or go on a wonderful cruise.

Cyan El gouna properties in Red Sea includes a large shopping mall with shopping areas and main stores that provide you with all the different necessities you need.

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