Properties For Sale In El Gouna

El gouna villas for sale

El Gouna is one of the most popular tourist areas for individuals looking for Properties For Sale  In El Gouna, as it is one of the most beautiful and developed tourist resorts that started there. The city has many advantages that make it the first investment destination for many individuals, which is represented in its strategic location, as it is located north of Hurghada and on the western coast of the Red Sea, and it is only 22 km from Hurghada International Airport to the north, making it easy to access from and to it from various other residential areas. El Gouna is unique in its fresh air, charming beaches with clear turquoise waters and soft white sand, as well as green spaces and gardens scattered throughout, as the city aims to provide a healthy lifestyle and luxury housing at the same time.

All of this in turn led to a high demand for Properties For Sale  In El Gouna. El Gouna is one of the quietest cities in Hurghada, and therefore it is the ideal choice for those wishing to enjoy nature and recreation in front of the seashore away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, the city is unique in its good planning and the wonderful engineering designs of the city, as it was designed in accordance with the latest and finest international engineering designs, and therefore it is a point of attraction for many individuals.


Properties For Sale Or Rent In El Gouna
Properties For Sale In El Gouna

Characteristics and features of El Gouna villas

El Gouna is classified by many individuals as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Which made it the preferred choice for many newlyweds and those wishing to hold a wedding or spend a more wonderful honeymoon.

Where the warm sun throughout the year, mild weather and charming nature, it is beyond its beauty.

Many foreign cities, it is also completely devoid of pollution.

The high-end resort includes all the facilities and services that would meet the needs of different individuals.

This such as private beaches, swimming pools, health and educational facilities.

Also shops, places to go out and stay up at night, restaurants, cafes, and others.

Hence, the demand for Properties For Sale  In El Gouna has increased.

These villas are spacious and modern, and contain many spacious bedrooms, surrounded by walls on all sides.

Which ensures comfort and complete privacy for individuals.

It is also unique in the diversity of its spaces to suit all individuals and families.

In addition to its distinctive interior designs and luxurious finishes.

As they were finished according to the finest and finest types of furniture.

Therefore, the demand for it is increasing from individuals and those looking for real estate in El Gouna.

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These villas also include many facilities that will provide comfort.

Moreover, complete luxury for individuals, such as security, guarding, private parking, swimming pools.

In addition to private gardens, balconies, health clubs, wall lockers and shared gyms.

As well as its charming view of the seashore.

In terms of prices for El Gouna in Hurghada, it is the most expensive among all El Gouna resorts, with an average price of 10,000,000 pounds.

El Gouna Resort includes six neighborhoods, namely Marina Town, Golf District, Italian District, Nubian District, Mediterranean District, and Al Hadaba District, each with a special character.

Each of these neighborhoods has been designed on exquisite geometric shapes as it exceeds all expectations.

This due to its unique beauty, and there are water channels and water bodies specially designed to surround all the villas in these neighborhoods.

Moreover, interspersed with green spaces and gardens for individuals to enjoy a distinctive modern life.

There are rocky bridges over the water channels, which in turn make it easier for people to move over them.

Below we will review the characteristics of the best areas that are increasingly popular with individuals and those looking for a villa for sale in El Gouna, Hurghada.

Properties For Sale Or Rent In El Gouna
Properties For Sale In El Gouna

What are the best areas to search for a villa for sale in El Gouna?

Many individuals prefer to search for a villa for sale in Tawila El Gouna.

As that island is one of the most important features of El Gouna.

As it is one of the most beautiful and most beautiful islands there.

In addition, is the perfect choice for those wishing to relax and get away from routine life?

On that island, you can enjoy swimming and diving excursions.

Moreover, watch swarms of colorful fish and wonderful coral reefs, and you will find dolphins next to you everywhere.

Moreover, Tawila Island is unique in that it contains the most important diving areas.

As it is characterized by a high degree of purity, which is why individuals.

In addition, those looking for a villa for sale in El Gouna increasingly seek after it.

The average price of Properties For Sale  In El Gouna is 5,500,000 pounds.

Similarly, the demand for a villa for sale in Fanadir El Gouna is rising.

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