The Loft New Capital

the loft new capital

The Loft New Capital Compound, Own Now in The Loft New Capital Compound by Living Yards Developments, which is distinguished by a new vision in the real estate market, the compound will be completed with a new revision with high quality infrastructure to present a new concept about life, comfort and luxury.

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The space and design of The Loft New Capital Compound

The total area of ​​the compound is estimated at 23 acres, where the units were divided inside it to include all spaces at the best prices.

However, the buildings are only 19%, in addition to the service facilities; most of the area of ​​The Loft Administrative Capital also includes green spaces interspersed with buildings.

In addition, this unique division makes the residents look To live there.

Moreover, from now on booking an apartment in The Loft is competitive.

The design of The Loft New Administrative Capital is characterized by the uniqueness and elegance of design, allowing you to feel luxurious and splendid.

This because Compound the Loft New Capital consists of 23 completed residential buildings.

Moreover, in terms of interior design there are a large number of residential buildings.

Which allows you to easily choose completely different sections according to your wants and needs.

the loft new capital
the loft new capital

The Units Space of the Loft New Capital Compound

The Loft New Capital compound offers many types of units, with different areas to meet all needs.

Moreover, some of these available spaces are:

Type a units space ranges from 108 square meters to 257 square meters.

The space of type B units starts from 140 square meters to 266 square meters.

Units space for Type C in The Loft New Capital start from 115 m² up to 257 m².

The space of units for type D ranges from 169 square meters up to 205 square meters.

Units space for type F start from 123 m² up to 231 m².

Type G units range in size from 123 square meters to 381 square meters.

Unit prices for Compound the Loft New Capital

One of the most distinctive features of the compound is the price differences that exist to suit all customers, and among these prices are the following:

The price per meter for units of types A and B starts from 11,448 EGP up to 14.690 EGP.

Also the price per square meter for Type C units in The Loft Administrative Capital starts from 11,660 pounds to 13,913 pounds.

The price per square meter for Type D units ranges from 11,687 pounds to 13,690 pounds.

In addition the price per square meter for type E units starts from 11,660 EGP up to 14,098 EGP.

The price per square meter for type F units starts from 12,500 EGP up to 13,900 EGP.

The Loft New Capital Compound Payment Systems

In addition to the distinguished and unique prices of The Loft Administrative Capital.

The company also offers you the most prominent and best payment and payment systems.

Which we will explain in detail as follows:

You can pay 10% down payment of the total value of the unit, and 10% upon receipt, and the rest will be paid over 9 years.

Location of the Loft Compound, Administrative Capital

The Loft New Capital Compound is one of the finest compounds in the New Administrative Capital.

Which its location is in the seventh residential district R7, especially Block I2.

Moreover, one of the most important features that housing should have is its proximity to important places and the most important of these places are the following:

Places near the project

The project its location is near the exhibition city area and the embassies area.

The compound has easy access to the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed Street and the regional ring axis.

The Loft Administrative Capital is located near the British Universities, Fairgrounds and Al Masa.

The Loft is an average of 10 minutes away from the Green River and the Cathedral.

It is also located near the Embassies Quarter, the Ministries District, and the British University.

Services and Features of Compound the Loft New Capital

The Loft Administrative Capital is one of the latest projects in the Administrative Capital, which will be implemented based on new civilized standards with high infrastructure, to embody for you a new concept about a more comfortable and luxurious life by providing luxury living in addition to practical luxury.

Moreover, all the basic facilities, which It takes you to a whole new life experience that may not be available in other places.

Many of the best interior design and decoration experts help you choose the most suitable partition and interior decoration in accordance with your requirements and the space of your apartment, and most importantly implement it at the highest level within the specified time.

Compound The Loft New Capital includes many services, like the rest of the compounds of the New Administrative Capital, including:

Green spaces.

There are many sports fields such as football, basketball, tennis and other sports.

Artificial lakes.

A social club on a large area.

Health club.

There are security personnel and guards at all the gates of the compound from the inside.

In addition, outside to provide security and safety for the residents throughout the day.

Running and cycling track.

In The Loft, an area contains a range of fine restaurants that serve the best dishes.

The Loft compound in the new administrative capital has swimming pools for adults and children.

There is a group of private garages for residents’ cars under the residential buildings.

Commercial service area.

Children’s area.

the loft new capital
the loft new capital

The developer of The Loft Compound, the Administrative Capital

The Loft New Capital Compound, implemented by Living Yards Real Estate Development, is a company owned by two investment groups, AM Group.

Moreover, the Egyptian Swiss Group, and these two groups are among the largest institutions that have served the consumer for more than 30 years, with an annual investment volume of 4 billion pounds.

As they have many popular consumer goods, most notably Tuna Dolphin, Baby Joy nappies, Coffee Break, and Queen Pasta.

Living Yards Real Estate Development Company for its owners, Hani Launde and Ayman Marzouk,.

Who are also the owners of “i Homes” real estate, is always looking for new and innovative.

As it does not want to repeat what is existing and usual.

Because it will not put its own imprint in the middle of the collection.

Therefore, we find that, it is always distinct and the biggest example of this is The Loft Administrative Capital.

Moreover, it has finished and delivered more than 60 buildings, in the Fifth Settlement, and Heliopolis.

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