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Nothing compares to owning your unit in an ideal location with a charming view of the soma bay egypt red sea, where all amenities are available around you with a perfect blend of luxury and comforts of life.

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Soma Breeze Soma Breeze is the smallest and most prestigious phase in Soma Bay so far.

It is a full-fledged tourist soma bay egypt red sea with amenities and services.

Also featuring luxurious apartments with uninterrupted views of stunning landscapes and turquoise waters.

Soma Breeze is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

Where its location directly on the sea and enjoy the clear blue water.

You can also enjoy the beauty of nature and its smallest details.

soma bay resort
soma bay egypt red sea

Real estate developer of Soma Breeze

soma bay egypt red sea, implemented by Abu Soma Tourism Development Company, which started in 1991 AD.

In addition, one of the most important projects implemented by the company is Soma Bay.

This was the first model for mixing real estate and tourism development.

The Soma Bay project started in 1991 and was the first mixed-use development in Egypt.

It is a peninsula of 10 million square meters located 40 kilometers south of Hurghada.

It has an 11 km long beach, as well as a 5.5 km beach for guests to use.

One of the most prominent features of the project is the golf course.

This is the first in Egypt and was founded by the famous golfer “Gary Player” who has won several international awards on an area of ​​500,000 meters.

Furthermore, its location directly at sea. Host a number of international competitions.

Since 1998, the Soma Bay project has included many hotels.

That is the 326-room Sheraton Soma Bay, the 166-room Westin, and the 174-room Precars.

In addition, the Robinson Hotel has 348 rooms and the Kempinski Hotel has 325 rooms, which opened in 2009.

Previous work of the real estate developer for soma bay egypt red sea project

Abu Soma Tourism Development Corporation comprises 13 affiliated companies with a capital of £2.5 billion.

The company relied on banks to fund its previous investments.

In addition, 60% of the financing is proposed to be financed from the investment cost of the three proposed hotels.

According to Al-Masiri’s statement, he stressed that there is no current intention to sell the company’s shares on the stock exchange.

In addition, the emphasis is to be on speeding up the execution of completed projects.

soma bay resort
soma bay egypt red sea

Soma Breeze Premium location

The location of Soma Breeze is in the idyllic Songbai on the Red Sea coast of Egypt’s east coast.

soma bay egypt red sea is located high in the mountains with direct views of the magnificent sea.

20 minutes’ drive from Hurghada International Airport.

In addition, this place is just a few minutes away from all the main attractions of Soma Bay.

Payment and payment facilities at Soma Breeze

Soma Breeze offers the best ways to pay and pay with the longest possible repayment period.

Where a 10% downpayment of the total price of the residential unit is paid.

In addition, the rest is paid in equal installments over 7 years and 10% upon receipt.

Residential unit’s spaces in Soma Breeze

The spaces of the residential units in Soma Breeze Hurghada range from 58 square meters up to 213 square meters.

Types of residential units in Soma Breeze

Soma Breeze includes different types of housing units to suit different tastes and needs, namely: studios.

In addition, apartments of different sizes, fully finished, with a wonderful view of the Red Sea and green spaces.

The units in Soma Breeze are distinguished by their modern and elegant designs.

Designed by Soma Breeze

soma bay egypt red sea are divided into residential areas, service areas, recreational areas.

In addition, green areas, beautifully arranged with distinct views of the units on the Red Sea coast.

Soma Breeze Services

Services in soma bay egypt red sea:

Cascade Golf Academy.

Soma Bay Pier.

Your favorite hobby golf course.

Soma Bay Surf Centre.

In addition Soma Bay Dive Center.

Soma Bay Aquatic Centre.

Medical center.


Soma Bay gas station.


Marina Center.

Soma Bay office for sale.

Jasmine is stable.

Soma Bay Laundry.

Also Soma by Limousine – provides you with a quality car to and from the airport or anywhere else.

In addition Soma Bay Restaurant.

soma bay egypt red sea is home to a distinguished group of residential properties, including:

Absoma Reef.

Waterfront Residence.

Soma Breeze.


Future housing for real estate development.

Soma Bay hotels:

Soma Bay includes a group of the most luxurious hotels in Hurghada, namely:

Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay.

Robinsons Club Soma Bay.

Sheraton Soma Bay Resort.

Breaker dive and surf hut.

The Westin soma bay egypt & Spa.

Cascade Hotel.

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