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apartment for sale in New Capital, The New Administrative Capital is the project that will change the dynamics of the Egyptian nation. The New Capital will be a huge addition to the Egyptian economy and real estate.

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According to the above, the properties varied according to the New capital Egypt website to suit the different needs of the expected residents of the capital, We will mention in the following lines Top real estate in New capital Egypt:

Residential neighborhoods in New capital Egypt

sale in New Capital City

A general and unified plan has been developed for the residential buildings in the capital; where each apartment building consists of:

  1. Basement, ground floor, and seven typical floors.
  2. The area of ​​each floor is about 580 square meters.
  3. Units spaces range from 130 m2 to 180 m2

While there are many neighborhoods in the capital according to the vision set for the project since its inception, where real estate development companies have mastered the design and implementation of these neighborhoods; which include:

The residential neighborhood includes an area for villas; and another for townhouses, It is planned that 4000 villas and houses will be built, divided as follows:

  • The first phase covers an area of ​​about 10,000 acres; and will include 190 villas and 71 townhouses.
  • The second phase covers an area of ​​about 15,000 acres; and will consist of 139 villas and 50 townhouses.

The government district in New capital Egypt

The district consists of 18 ministerial buildings; a presidential institution building; a parliament building, and a cabinet building.

The business district in New capital Egypt

As we mentioned before; the neighborhood includes the iconic tower; financial institutions, and bank headquarters, and several buildings with commercial; recreational; and residential units.

Compounds in New capital Egypt

Real estate developers have witnessed the luxury that the capital’s compounds have reached, while some projects have received particular attention when talking about the news of the administrative capital; For its precision design and architectural value.

Investing in New capital Egypt

Indeed, the new capital is the future of investment in the Arab region and the Middle East, as it will become a destination for investors and business people; Because of its modernity and facilities in transactions of various kinds.

As a result of the foregoing; an unprecedented increase in job opportunities, in addition to reducing congestion and pressure from Greater Cairo and its suburbs; which have long been overcrowded with large numbers of citizens.

sale in New Capital City | New capital Egypt latest achievements

Are you looking for investment opportunities in New Capital? Liaison Properties will help you find the best property for sale in New Capital City.
sale in New Capital City

The construction and exterior finishing work of the housing units in the third district; R3; implemented by the Ministry of Housing, has ended. New capital Egypt now.

The new parliament building will be handed over at the end of this September, and state employees will be transferred at the beginning of the first quarter of 2022, This will increase the importance of the New capital Egypt among citizens.

The total percentage of the implementation of the monorail train in New capital Egypt reached 24%. as the first; and second trains arrived at the project site; and the third; fourth, and fifth trains are currently being manufactured; in preparation for their arrival during the project completion period.

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