North coast Egypt resorts is your warm place for a better life

North coast Egypt resorts

North coast Egypt resorts, In summer every year, we flee to the coastal areas, Especially with higher temperatures, but we always face several questions such as, where should we go?

Is it suitable for us and our family? And, what’s the coast?. 

North coast is a calm area without boring

North coast Egypt resorts, In summer every year, we flee to the coastal areas, Especially with higher temperatures, but we always face several questions such as, where should we go?
North coast Egypt resorts

The northern coast differs from the coasts of the Red Sea and the rest of the coasts of the Mediterranean, both geographically and climatically.

North coast is that area located in the far north of egypt, extending at a distance of 1050 km from rafah in eastern sinai, this area has a magical beaches and beautiful views, There are no mountains or heights in the northern coast of Egypt, and it is characterized as a plain land, It is characterized by the presence of five lakes out of eleven lakes in Egypt.

North coast in Egypt is divided into 3 areas: the west north coast, the north center coast which is characterized by its high economic importance, and the North Delta Coast.

The North Coast is considered a historical area,The well-known Battle of El Alamein happened on it and it was a reason for the victory of the Allies and the end of World War in 1942,And there are the cemeteries of El Alamein, in which the soldiers who were killed are buried.

Many Arab and foreign celebrities also go there.There are many important parties, conferences and big events for well-known personalities in the country.

The Egyptian north coast is an area that includes all services and activities.

There are many options on the North Coast villages

North coast Egypt resorts
North coast Egypt resorts

Over the past two decades, North coast Egypt resorts of Egypt has succeeded in establishing its image as a world-class beach resort, by offering an upscale and exclusive lifestyle suitable for all age groups, through a number of high-end tourist communities and villages.

Tourist villages on the North Coast differ in their designs, area, services and activities

Like Marakia, which was the first region, especially in the past, Marbella, which is located at kilo 66 Alexandria road,It’s a multi-service village,

La Vista Village, built to be a quiet resort and not a lively tourist destination.

170 kilometers from Alexandria; La Vista has properties for sale and rent, no hotel or crowded restaurant area all quiet, just a plethora of facilities and amenities, swimming pools and gardens.

Hacienda village; which is located 200 km from Alexandria, distinguished by the many fine restaurants and cafes located in the resort. The restaurant area is called The Lake Yard; and people travel there from nearby villages to spend their evenings there because it is one of the trendiest and most active areas along the North Coast.

Telal, A quiet destination, which is located 129 kilometers from Alexandria. The resort is famous for its spacious luxury villas.

Very quiet, but not lacking in luxury, suitable for a relaxing holiday from work and far from the city noise.

All villages are characterized by clear blue water, green spaces and distinguished services,which makes them suitable for owning a chalet, villa or house.

The North Coast offers a unique change in lifestyle; giving visitors and owners a special status and comfortable life form.

Offering a variety of modern properties from magnificent spacious private villas on sea view, pool view, garden view.

What distinguishes the North Coast resorts?

The area of ​​the resort is 1,300 acres; the depth of Jefaira Resort is 2,200 meters, and the width of the beach is 3,600 meters.

The North Coast resorts are superior to the rest of the resorts in Egypt.

It has a private beach. Some of them have about 5 swimming pools which are suitable for all ages.There are also centers to learn to dive; These facilities include children’s clubs; Video games and aqua park, tennis courts; gymnasiums; sauna centers and a beauty salon; in addition to free parking and free Wi-Fi service; which reaches anywhere within the facility easily; Some of these resorts also provide libraries for reading lovers,Their reception desks operate 24 hours a day.

All resorts at the north coast present different dishes and food; It includes foreign and Egyptian restaurants and fish restaurants.

The North Coast resorts include rooms of various sizes; including enough for two people. and enough for 4 and 6 people.

and chalets are enough for a large family,you can choose from rooms with a sea view, pool view or garden view.

Each of them has a special magic. 

As for the coast, it fits many categories; Where the price varies from one resort to another, and these resorts often make offers.

 It is one of the most family-friendly resorts.

The North Coast resorts include all the services and activities that everyone needs to have a happy holiday.

 North Coast Resort Egypt is the best choice

The northern coast is a target for Egyptians in the summer and their safe haven from high temperatures, where the wonderful climate and the sea; and therefore tourism villages and resorts abound.

It is suitable for all family members; and children, because of its area; services; activity and moderate temperature.

Therefore; owning a property in one of the coastal villages or resorts is one of the best investment ideas in the long term; which can be used to sell over the coming years in light of the high prices and there are many purchase plans that suit different groups.

Because we are always looking for comfort; calm and enjoyment with entertaining activities that makes us happy; because we are always looking for a magical; and unforgettable vacation  This is what makes the North Coast resorts the perfect choice.

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