New capital properties

new capital properties

New capital properties is a large-scale project, announced by the Egyptian government at the Conference for Supporting and Developing the Egyptian Economy on March 13, 2015. On this subject, we review a set of the most prominent information about it.

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What is the administrative capital?

New capital properties is one of the newest investment projects for real estate development in Egypt.

This huge construction project will grow from 18 to 40 million people by 2050.

A project that will introduce a new concept of the nature of residential life in Egypt.

In addition, includes green spaces and artificial lakes to ensure clean air and a charming view.

The new capital is located between the Greater Cairo Region and the Suez Canal Region near the Regional Ring Road and the Cairo/Suez Road.

The region will be the seat of Parliament, the Presidency and the main ministries, as well as foreign embassies.

The project also includes a major park and an international airport, and contains large numbers of green spaces and parks.

The target population, when the city is fully grown, will reach 6.5 million.

In addition the number of job opportunities will be about 2 million.

new capital properties
new capital properties

Administrative Capital Area

The area of ​​the administrative capital is 170,000 acres, equivalent to about 714 km2, which is equivalent to the size of the state of Singapore and almost 4 times the area of ​​Washington.

The new administrative capital  divided into phases.

This because of its vast area that exceeded the areas of capitals and important countries.

The first phase: It covers an area of ​​approximately 40,000 acres, equivalent to 161.87 km2 of the total area of ​​the Administrative Capital in km.

The second phase:

It covers an area of ​​about 47 thousand acres, equivalent to 190.2 km2 of the total area of ​​the New Administrative Capital in km.

The third phase: ninety-seven thousand acres.

New capital properties

The New Capital project is one of the largest projects  implemented in the Middle East.

In addition, all amenities have been provided inside it in addition to basic services.

Among the advantages of the Administrative Capital are the following:

It started on a large area of ​​170,000 acres, equivalent to the size of Singapore.

The Urban Planning Authority has developed a plan for the design and construction of all facilities, basic roads, service and recreational means before the residential units.

This in order to ensure that everything you are looking for is provided.

The first phase of the New Capital project  started on an area of ​​40,000 acres, and is scheduled to accommodate nearly 7 million citizens.

It expected to achieve a qualitative leap in the future for Egyptian youth.

As it will create many job opportunities for them, which will help in eliminating unemployment.

The inner streets of the capital characterized by their wideness, as the width of the street reaches 120 meters.

Follow New capital

The development of the roads inside it will be the responsibility of the Holding Company for Construction and Development (HCCD), Orascom, the Arab Contractors, and Concorde.

The price per square meter for the units of the Administrative Capital starts from 5000 EGP.

In addition, the units  purchased in installments over several years, without down payment.

Moreover, a lot of spaces  provided in order to suit all families.

New capital properties scheduled to include the headquarters of government agencies and ministries.

As 18 ministries transferred to it by the middle of next year.

So that you can spend all your services from one place in the heart of the capital.

It is one of the largest capitals in the world as it is set to accommodate about 40 million people by 2050.

The space of the residential units in the residential neighborhood in the new capital starts from 100 square meters up to 180 square meters.

new capital properties
new capital properties

Additional Features of the New Administrative Capital

The cost of lands for the residential and government neighborhood amounted to about ten billion Egyptian pounds.

In addition, this shows the size of the project, the enormity of its designs, and the provision of all amenities within it.

The presence of huge areas of landscaping that designed on the developed system.

In addition to the presence of parks and green spaces, of which the per capita share is 15%.

A plan was drawn up in order to link the new capital with its neighboring cities.

In addition to linking it with the Cairo governorate through a large network of transportation, and a large international airport started in it on an area of ​​33 square kilometers.

The scheme of the administrative capital inspired by international capitals and designed in the European style.

In addition, the high-end residential areas located in the center of the country.

This such as Qasr Al-Nil, Heliopolis, and Garden City, and thus, it combines the nobility of history and modern innovative designs.

Follow additional Features of the New Administrative Capital

New capital properties has the largest central park in the world and is two and a half times the size of New York’s global park.

A plan developed in order to allocate a large technology zone in which there are many factories for information technology software, which helps to strengthen and support the Egyptian economy.

The administrative capital will match the most beautiful capitals in the world in terms of luxury, beauty and sophistication, such as Dubai and Singapore.

100,000 housing units  allocated in the residential neighborhood for middle-income people.

As they put up for sale at reasonable prices, and  distributed over eight areas in the north and south of the New Administrative Capital.

The rest of the residential land in the new capital was sold to private developers.

Moreover, the Egyptian government hopes that the sale of these plots will cover the majority of the project’s costs.

The first phase of the residential neighborhood  completed.

More services provided by the new capital

About four thousand luxury housing units  implemented in the residential neighborhood, varying between villas and townhouses.

This large area of ​​the administrative capital  divided into eight huge neighborhoods.

Which are the embassy district, the government district, the banks district, the court and prosecution district, and the city center.

There are many services and no aspect  neglected as the administrative capital includes about 1250 mosques, churches.

Moreover, a conference center with a capacity of 5,000 seats.

Also about 2,000 schools, universities, more than 600 medical facilities, and a large central park.

The presence of Capital Park Central Park, which is one of the largest central parks in the world.

A railway with the railway network throughout Egypt, in addition to the monorail, will link the new capital project.

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