new capital investment

new capital investment

Investment in the new administrative capital turns the scales, Discover on Liaison

new capital investment is one of the rich and profitable ideas, and for this we will get acquainted with the new administrative capital through the eyes of Lizon.

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Establishment of the new capital investment

The construction of the new administrative capital was started in 2016.

And its location is east of Cairo Governorate, which estimated to be the new seat of government in Egypt.

It will be one of the fourth-generation cities, which will be the new capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In addition it started on an area of ​​170,000 acres, which accommodates about 6.5 million people and includes more than 2 million job opportunities.

It started by order of the current President of the Republic, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

And it is implemented by the Arab Contractors Company and under the supervision of the Engineering Authority of the Egyptian Armed Forces.

new capital investment
new capital investment

Location of the new administrative capital

The new capital has a distinct and special location, because it is the linking tool between the various regions in Greater Cairo.

Its location is between the Cairo-Suez road and the Cairo-Ain Sokhna road, and it is on the borders of Badr City east Cairo.

In addition it has 5 entrances, one of which its location is on the Cairo-Ain Sokhna road.

The second is located on the Mohammed bin Zayed axis on the regional ring road and the others are under construction.

 In addition it will witness the transfer of all governmental bodies, ministries and consulates.

And it will include the largest complex of banks, as it will be the largest financial center in Egypt.

Neighborhoods of new capital investment

  • Presidential Palace area
  • Republican Guard area
  • Banking area
  • Courts area
  • Diamond Hotel
  • Embassies District
  • Smart Village
  • cultural city
  • Opera House
  • The government district of the ministries

Transportation in the new capital

The suspension train and some other trains are under construction to facilitate the transportation process between the new city , such as:

  • The monorail is the funicular that starts from the stadium station in the Nasr City area.
  • In addition the Tenth City train, which will extend from there to the Suez Road.
  • The regular train from Adly Mansour station in Al Salam area and moves along the regional ring.
  • In addition the implementation of the largest airport project in the new capital finished.
  • Moreover soon it considered ready to receive flights.
  • Work is underway to connect the new capital with a new train line with the rest of the train networks in Egypt.
new capital investment
new capital investment

The most important landmarks of the new capital

  • Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque is the largest in the Middle East and the world.
  • The cathedral of the Nativity of Christ is the largest in the Middle East.
  • Sport City.
  • A large amusement park similar to Disneyland.
  • The cultural and artistic city.
  • biggest opera house.
  • In addition the tallest tower in Africa.
  • The largest conference center.
  • Great Central Park.

Compounds and residential areas in the new capital

  • Scarta its location is in the eighth district
  • Sky Capital its location is in the second plot in the eighth district
  • Boca Capital its location is in the eighth residential district
  • La Verde is the capital and its location is in the eighth residential district
  • Capital Dream Compound its location is in the second plot in the eighth district

Real estate investment opportunities in the new capital

All indications indicate that the new capital is the best place to invest in it on a

personal and commercial level, due to the availability of all health, educational, recreational and residential services.

Features that make you invest in the new capital

  • There are many job opportunities that can help young people.
  • The presence of all government agencies and all 18 ministries, which will be transferred during the coming period.
  • The presence of an entertainment city that will be larger than the most famous city in the world, which is Disneyland.
  • Diverse spaces and many real estates that differ in spaces, price, payment plans and the view it overlooks.

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