new alamein city real estate

new alamein city real estate

Real estate in new alamein city real estate, discover on Liaison

The New Alamein City is one of the most famous new cities that started recently in Egypt.

It is one of the fourth generation cities, which belongs to Marsa Matrouh Governorate and started on an area of ​​about 48,130 acres.

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Location of New Alamein 

The boundaries of the new city of El Alamein start from Wadi El-Natrun and end in El-Dabaa, and the Matrouh-Alexandria road expanded to facilitate arrival.

New Alamein was able to achieve the difficult equation, as it combined being a tourist, residential and historical city.

 It has three investment segments, the first of which its location is on the Mediterranean coast.

In addition the second its location is south of the Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

Moreover the last segment is the historical and archaeological in the cemeteries of El Alamein.It divided into three segments.

new alamein city real estate
new alamein city real estate

Neighborhoods of the new city of El Alamein

There are many neighborhoods in the first phase in El Alamein to include:

The coastal sector, which includes the tourist center and consists of:

  • Hotels district
  • Cultural Center
  • fairgrounds
  • In addition City center
  • Convention Center
  • Distinguished residential neighborhood
  • In addition El Alamein Gardens Area
  • Al-Fanar marina
  • In addition Recreational areas and private resort

The archaeological cultural sector 

consists of:

  • open museum
  • Hotels
  • In addition Harbor
  • international park
  • In addition Great service center

The heritage area in New Alamein

The implementation of the heritage area completed by the end of 2020, which built on an area of ​​about 230 acres

To include, The library, the museum, the squares, the museum garden, the opera, the mosque, and the recreational and commercial areas.

 In addition it is the cultural and artistic area in New Alamein, in addition to being a meeting place for intellectuals and artists there.

Landmarks of New Alamein City

El Mawla Mosque in New Alamein:

It was built on an area of ​​about 190 meters and it is located within the heritage area in New Alamein.

In addition can accommodate about 1,000 worshippers.

Moreover  it is one of the architectural masterpieces in Egypt.

El Alamein Military Museum:

It belongs to the Egyptian Ministry of Defense and was built in memory of the famous battle of El Alamein, which put the word to the end of World War II.

In addition its location is in the southwest of the city and includes maps of the course of battles, military holdings, some weapons and armor in the open hall and consists of 5 main halls.

Roman Theater:

Which  prepared to add a cultural and aesthetic touch to the new city of Alamein.

Church of Our Lady and Saint Marina:

It is  one of the most famous landmarks of the new city of Alamein.

In addition its location is at kilo 110 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

Cultural Library:

It is an extension of the state’s expansion in establishing newly developed libraries, which have all the capabilities.

Opera House:

There is a tourist walkway at a distance of about 750 meters along the first stage.

In addition it includes a complex of studios, a complex of cinemas and tourist hotels.

Moreover this in order to display many different types of arts such as singing, acting and music.

Real estate in New Alamein City

It varies between apartments, villas, duplexes, and multi-purpose shops.

Moreover with the outbreak of the Corona virus in the world during the recent period, a stagnation occurred in the real estate market.

Which made prices fall relatively in the new city of Alamein.

In addition the best solution to this crisis was to push the founding companies of the compounds.

Which worked on Developed to provide special offers and different payment systems.

In addition this in order to attract the largest possible number of customers to obtain housing units in the new city of Alamein.

new alamein city real estate
new alamein city real estate

What distinguishes real estate in the new city of Alamein

New housing units in the compound, housing units, of different sizes and prices, payment plans to suit different categories. It includes small and large villas, chalets overlooking the sea.

In addition many residential compounds, which include housing units of different sizes and reasonable prices.

Moreover investing in New Alamein is considered one of the most successful projects in the future. Owning a property in New Alamein is tantamount to placing millions in the bank.

In addition New Alamein is the most suitable place for lovers of calm and comfort amidst full services in an environmentally friendly city.

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