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new alamein is a cosmopolitan city on Egyptian soil

The New Alamein City is one of the most famous new cities that were recently built in Egypt. It is one of the fourth generation cities, which belongs to Marsa Matrouh Governorate and started on an area of ​​about 48,130 acres.The new city of El Alamein in the North Coast is one of the Egyptian cities for the fourth generation, like the new administrative capital, and it started in 2018 by a decision of the Presidency of the Republic. It is one of the modern cities that managed to attract attention to it quickly.

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 The location of the city 

The new Alamein its location is within the administrative borders of Marsa Matrouh Governorate.

Moreover the boundaries of the new city of El Alamein start from Wadi El-Natrun to El-Dabaa, with a length of about 48 km from the main Alexandria-Matrouh road, 33 km.

In addition it covers an area of ​​about 48,130 acres, equivalent to about 195 km2.

Moreover the new city of El Alamein scheduled to expand to include a high population density.

Learn about the new neighborhoods of New Alamein city


  • Hotels district
  • Cultural Center
  • fairgrounds
  • City center
  • Downtown District
  • Western Towers District
  • Latin Quarter
  • Convention Center
  • Distinguished residential neighborhood
  • El Alamein Gardens Area
  • Al-Fanar marina
  • Recreational areas and private resort

The finest neighborhoods of New Alamein

Latin Quarter:

It is located near the theaters and cinemas complex and the universities area, the southern region of the new city of Alamein. It is also close to the old heritage city and combines Greek and Roman architectural style. The area of ​​the neighborhood is about 450 acres, in addition to that it is one of the most important neighborhoods in the new city of El Alamein and bears the character of old Alexandria. The neighborhood includes all educational, religious, health and commercial services.

Downtown District:

It is one of the finest neighborhoods in New Alamein and the best at all.

The best luxury housing units are located in this neighborhood because all the residential units overlook the sea and lakes.

In addition t includes about 1500 housing units characterized by luxurious finishing, and the spaces start from 130 meters up to 280 meters.

The Downtown area its location is on the New Alamein Corniche.

Lake El Alamein District:

Which is also known as the Hotels District.

Its location is on an area of ​​approximately 300 acres.

The district includes many hotels, which have many rooms.

In addition it can reach more than 15,000 hotel rooms ready to receive visitors.

Lake El Alamein district represents an essential part of the coastal sector in the city.

Moreover it has the fact that it includes the exhibition grounds.


Landmarks of the City

Opera House:

There is a tourist walkway at a distance of about 750 meters along the first stage.

Moreover it includes a complex of studios, a complex of cinemas and tourist hotels, in order to display many different types of arts such as singing, acting and music.

Church of Our Lady and Saint Marina:

It is one of the most famous landmarks of the new city of Alamein.

Moreover its location is at kilo 110 on Alexandria-Matrouh Road.

El Alamein Military Museum:

It started in memory of the famous battle of El Alamein, which put an end to World War II.

Moreover its location is in the southwest of the city.

The museum includes maps of the battle path, military holdings.

Moreover some weapons and armor in the open hall and consists of 5 main halls.

In addition it affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Defense.

El Mawla Mosque in New Alamein:

It started on an area of ​​about 190 meters, and the mosque is located in the heritage area of ​​New Alamein.

In addition it can accommodate about 1,000 worshipers.

Moreover is one of the architectural masterpieces in Egypt.

Roman Theater:

Which is being prepared to add a cultural and aesthetic touch to the new city of Alamein.

Cultural Library:

It is an extension of the state’s expansion in establishing newly developed libraries, which have all the capabilities.


Know about the importance of the New Alamein city

  • It was established as an opportunity to overcome the overpopulation in Egypt, by taking advantage of the North Coast as a residential destination as well as attracting tourism throughout the year. The city is divided into a tourist, historical and residential segment.
  • In addition the first investment segment is located on the Mediterranean coast, the second investment segment is south of the Alexandria-Matrouh International Road, and the third segment is the historical and archaeological area in the El Alamein Cemetery.
  • The city includes towers on each platform and reaches a height of about 35 meters. These towers include a number of commercial and administrative roles.
  • In addition An archaeological area consisting of: an open museum – an international park – a recreational area – hotels – port services – an urban sector consisting of: a university – a regional service center.
  • New Alamein City has the latest industrial and urban technologies in the Middle East, such as:
  • Paving the coastal road starting from Sidi Abdel Rahman to Wadi El Natrun: the 18 km tourist walkway, Orascolia drainage and desalination plant, a project, breakwaters, 18 barriers, a project for planting crops such as palms, olives and pomegranates.
  • The first production of drinking water with production technology, with a productivity of 100,000 liters of water per day.
  • Tourist and residential skyscrapers represented in the New Alamein Towers projects.

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