Apartment sahl hasheesh

apartment sahl hasheesh

Hours may pass while you sit with yourself or your family members, planning an exciting summer vacation that is different from others, and sometimes – for some – it may take a whole year to search for different places, Apartment sahl hasheesh in Hurghada is one of the best places on the throne of beach tourism in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and it occupies about 41 million square meters. It is also more attractive to Egyptians and foreigners together, and the magic of its picturesque nature takes you to another world; Where beauty, calm and fun.

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Where is Apartment sahl hasheesh located?

If you are a resident of the city of Hurghada in the Red Sea Governorate, a visitor, or a passing through, take a brave decision, and continue your way 18 square kilometers from Hurghada; To find yourself in front of a unique destination that you will not regret visiting, every corner exudes a distinctive charm.

If you are from the Egyptian capital, Cairo, then you have about 450 kilometers to reach Hurghada, and from there to Apartment sahl hasheesh. Therefore, do not forget to take your favorite book or prepare a list of your favorite songs and music, which will distract you from the boredom that may hit you when you find the way; If you travel using a means of transportation, or if you use your own car. Talking with your companions will be enough to entertain you.

When you arrive, you will be amazed to see the luxurious hotels with a variety of architectural styles. That adorn Sahl Hasheesh Resort and are suitable for gatherings of friends or families, in addition to the variety of restaurants and activities that increase the fun of the holiday.

apartment sahl hasheesh
apartment sahl hasheesh

What do I do in sahl hasheesh?

On a quiet morning in Sahl Hasheesh as the golden sun begins to set there. You can take a great ride using the on-site golf carts, which are charged by electricity, and have charging places everywhere within the resort.

Then change your clothes and wear beachwear, and head to one of its beaches without hesitation. To find a great opportunity to practice different water sports, and choose between diving under the waters of the Red Sea. To see the coral reefs with their distinctive colors, or to swim while watching the wonderful Sinai mountains around you, do you know that it will be a special experience. Especially with the presence of trainers to follow you?

And if you do not know how to swim, you can enjoy passing through the waterway equipped within Sahl Hasheesh, with a length of 500 meters along the city. Or you can see the sunken city there, which is the remains of an ancient pharaonic city under the water .. You should not miss seeing it.

Leisure and marine activities

In addition, if you or one of your friends or family members do not prefer water sports. There is a possibility to ride horses in an area equipped for that within Sahl Hasheesh. Where he will feel the freedom and launch as if embracing the sky with every step taken by the horse. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of focus and calm, you will find “golf” the most suitable choice for you; where there are two playgrounds for that high-end hobby.

After a hard sports day, you can go to one of the health resorts there. Most of which are located in the hotels in the place such as: (Premier Spa, Horus Spa, and Tropitel Spa), which all provide services at the highest level.

As the sun sets, take some and head to one of the international markets of Sahl Hasheesh. Which its location is in the northern area of ​​the old city, and has everything you want from international brands.. You will definitely spend a lot of money in front of the multiplicity of products and commodities.

In the evening, go to one of the various parties that are held on the open beaches. Which will make you feel like you are spending your vacation in one of the Maldives.

About hotels in Sahl Hasheesh

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Did you land in Apartment sahl hasheesh? You will arrive at the hotel, whether it is one of the 5 star hotels in Sahl Hasheesh or one of the airport hotels. Give yourself the opportunity to explore the atmosphere and culture of Egypt up close.

“Enjoy and shop Apartment sahl hasheesh and you will find everything you need. Don’t forget to get some souvenirs for your friends and family! You will definitely enjoy your stay in Sahl Hasheesh.”

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apartment sahl hasheesh
apartment sahl hasheesh

Frequently Asked Questions about Sahl Hasheesh hotels

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