Villa with private pool in North Coast Egypt

Villa with private pool in North Coast Egypt

Villa with private pool in North Coast Egypt .. In the eighties of the last century, the North Coast did not have a place among vacationers, as it was limited to a marina and Marrakia, but in recent years, the North Coast has witnessed a remarkable urban development that appeared clearly in the new roads that facilitate access from Cairo and Alexandria, and the new tourist villages designed in the highest style And equipped with all kinds of services.

The northern coast extends from the city of Rafah in the Sinai and reaches the city of Salloum opposite the Libyan borders and the island of Crete, meaning the northern coast strip extends across the Mediterranean Sea at a distance of 1,000 km, but the northern coast, which is intended for vacationers, extends from kilo 21 to the borders of Marsa Matruh.

Among the most important landmarks on the northern coast line are 5 lakes that add charm along with the attractive nature there: Idku, Burullus, Mariout, Manzala and Baroudel.

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Learn about Villa with private pool in North Coast Egypt

By the summer, when the temperature and humidity rise, many people resort to the sea beaches to spend their summer vacation.

In addition, enjoy the mild weather and the charming waters, where they are away from the stresses of life and recreation a little.

If you are looking for a high-end resort that enjoys all services and recreational activities.

As well as clear blue waters and soft golden sands, you will not find a better resort than the tourist villages on the North Coast.

Villa with private pool in North Coast Egypt
Villa with private pool in North Coast Egypt

Villa with private pool in North Coast Egypt.. Recreation and isolation from the world

The villages of the North Coast have their own charm and charm than any other beach.

It has a temperate climate throughout the year; which allows you to visit it at any time of the year.

and not only in the summer, Villa with private pool in North Coast Egypt there enjoy golden sand beaches that shine in the sun, turquoise waters and fresh air so you never feel too hot.

What makes the North Coast different from any other beach is the spread of green spaces and rare plants along its length.

In addition, it differs from the Red Sea in that it does not enjoy the mountainous nature of rocks on beaches and heights.

Therefore, many young people and large families prefer to participate and spend the vacation in a rental villa on the coast to enjoy privacy.

As well as the facilities and luxuries of the villa from the swimming pool, great view and greenery.

Among the most important areas in the northern coast, where the most beautiful tourist villages with luxurious designs.

In addition, various services are located: Ras Al-Hikma and Sidi Abdel Rahman area, Ras Al-Hikma area is a winding bay.

That repels the waves; which makes it safer to swim with the calm waves of the sea and the clarity of its waters.

As for the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, it follows the city of El Alamein in Marsa Matrouh.

In addition, was a break for travelers between Alexandria and Matrouh Road.

The most important feature of Sidi Abdel Rahman is its white sands and turquoise waters.

Tourist villages and resorts for everyone on the coast

Although visitors to the North Coast are famous for being of the upper class, there are villages with moderate rent prices and intended for middle-class people, such as the villages in kilo 21 and Al-Ajami Road. In all governorates of Egypt.

Especially the upper class, the demand for villas on the North Coast is increasing significantly.

In order to enjoy the tranquility, privacy, facilities, celebrations and continuous artistic events.

Features that make the North Coast a destination for luxury lovers

The state has recently moved towards developing Villa with private pool in North Coast Egypt and providing basic and recreational services in them.

This has resulted in a change in the plans of vacationers from going to Alexandria or the Red Sea governorates to the North Coast villages that are frequented by the high people and the middle class.

Certainly, there are advantages that led to a major shift in the plans of vacationers and their preference for the North Coast over any other beach.

Holding concerts for the biggest artists of the Arab world, which attracts young people to the villages of the North Coast.

Security, guarding and surveillance cameras to secure the entrances and exits of the tourist villages.

Various water activities in all tourist villages such as water sports, skiing, etc., and providing a marina for cruise lovers.

Swimming pools for children and covered swimming pools for the veiled to enjoy the summer without restrictions.

Sports and social clubs to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts and lovers of summer with family and friends.

Various commercial projects between malls, hypermarkets, and mini markets to provide all the needs of vacationers from A to Z.

Integrated entertainment cities that include a water park, a jacuzzi, a gym, a spa, and Akkadwa Park.

Dedicated children’s play areas with personnel responsible for protecting children while they play.

A large area dedicated to gardens and artificial lakes.

Five star hotels.

Football and beach soccer fields.

Cinema and theater halls for art lovers.

The most famous international restaurants and cafes.

Spacious garages.

A variety of medical services between medical centers and hospitals that include emergency rooms and doctors in all specialties.

Villa with private pool in North Coast Egypt
Villa with private pool in North Coast Egypt

Find out about the best villas for rent in the North Coast

Moreover, the demand for renting a villa in the North Coast is increasing.

This due to the unique characteristics of the villas’ wonderful designs.

Moreover, their many luxury features as mentioned previously.

In addition to the features that are unique to the tourist villages themselves.

For example, many people prefer to search for villas in quiet areas to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

As for others, they prefer to search for a villa for rent on the northern coast in the most vibrant tourist villages due to the large number of service centers there.

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