El gouna apartments for sale Discover now, on Liaison

El Gouna apartments for sale Discover now, on Liaison

(El Gouna apartments) El Gouna Resort has been established and developed since 1990 through the Orascom Hotels and Development Company. which is responsible for implementing the entire El Gouna, including areas, neighborhoods and malls, and El Gouna is a name that means the piece of leather in which the good fragrance is preserved. Location of El Gouna(El Gouna apartments) El Gouna is located in an area...

best compounds in north coast egypt, The North Coast includes many compounds and tourist areas that are suitable for all individuals, where the North Coast enjoys the charming and picturesque nature, the turquoise blue sea water, and the various recreational activities that make the residents feel the luxury of staying, where you can spend the most beautiful nights and days when you buy a compound in the North Coast that we will talk About it now through the article, learn more on liaisonproperty, the best real estate website in Egypt.

Resorts in the North Coast of Egypt at the best prices

North Coast of Egypt,The "Northern Coast" is no longer just a resort, announcing a status, reviewing a situation, or even "formatting"; but rather has become a stand-alone housing system, a semi-independent entity, and an incubating environment for the Egyptian resort; which is limited to the residents of the top of the pyramid with their unique priorities; exotic clothes and lifestyle that raise the...

Learn about the most beautiful villa for sale in Marina

Villa for sale in Marina, the search is increasing recently for chalets for sale or apartments and villas in the heart of the marina, so Aqarmap shows you the difference between acquiring a housing unit in an integrated village or a unit in an independent area, where coastal villages give you different advantages than owning a residential unit In a traditional area as follows. Characteristics of villa for...

We present to you a property for sale in Sahl Hasheesh Egypt for the first time in a new and different style. The property is built .and designed in Hawaiian timber style with unique tropical landscaping of palm trees as well as carefully selected gardens, roses and waterfalls. Owners can enjoy life in Hawaii in any of the 286 units at this first-class resort.

Best Recommended Sahel Egypt Properties 2021

Sahel Egypt Properties  One of the most powerful resorts that you will find in Egypt; due to the landscape and services that you will only find on the North Coast; with liaisonproperty you will find all your needs, from homes; villas; chalets and studios. Features of Sahel Egypt Properties sahel egypt resorts Excellent strategic location, about an hour and a half away from Cairo; thanks to the new...

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